We wanted to thank you for keeping Robert focused! Focus has been difficult for him, in karate and in school.  It's clear your classes are really helping. Robert's first grade teacher told us last week that he has vastly improved his focus in class and even removed himself from a "situation" in which other kids were causing trouble.  She said she keeps noticing him closing his eyes when he seems to be having trouble focusing and when I asked him what he was doing he said "meditating." I thought you would appreciate hearing that the strategies he learns in karate are helping him in school as well!

From a Student

Sensei Bob Lowry is a high level instructor with excellent credentials that can bring you into the martial arts without making you feel out of your depth.  He has a unique teaching style that moves between motivating, casual and educational.  I have tackled many difficult techniques with him as my teacher have and never felt like I was lost.  I feel energized after my classes

From a Parent


 613 Pennsylvania Ave SE, 2nd floor

Washington DC 20003

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