Kids and Youth Program

We offer a progressive growth program

Kids Karate, the entry level class:

Your child will start in the Kids Karate Classes, we invite kids as young as 5 (some exceptions for younger, ask the instructor). This class will help the child gain comfort with the studio and its instruction. The class is 30 minutes long, 2 times a week. The Kids Karate class will focus on basic punches and kicks, along with building their balance and focus. After about 2 or 3 months, they take a short test to determine if they are ready to move up to the next class called Young Samurai, where we teach Karate and Jujutsu.

Young Samurai, the next level:

This class is 45 minutes long, 2 times a week, and we continue to teach Karate and we add Jujutsu to their curriculum. Jujutsu is a bit more challenging and more hands-on than Karate, so control is emphasized in this class. The child is will become more disciplined and focused as they begin to expand their skills and leadership with the class. Each child is different some will learn quickly while others might take some extra time to hone their skills. If they work hard, they will develop the skills to move into the Bushido Class when we add the sword into their training. This class also offers an Ambassador Program where, if selected, the child will be given leadership responsibilities.

Bushido, means warrior, the highest level for youth:

This class will increase to 60 minutes, 2 times a week and the challenges and skills increase as well. In addition to their Karate and Jujutsu training, they begin to incorporate Sword training. Since the sword is a challenging and dangerous weapon, the child is expected to have total control, great focus, respect, and awareness or they cannot participate in the Bushido Class. Additionally, within our Bushido class, we have an Ambassador program, where a student will be selected to be the Ambassador for the class for 3 months. The Ambassador needs to show great leadership qualities and they will work with the class instructor to help teach others.

If there is a student that excels in their training, and they have shown exceptional discipline, interest, and skill, they will be invited to train with the adults, however we do have an age limit- no student under 15 can join the adult classes.