Our Staff and Lineage

Shihan Nakamura

Shihan Yoshinakamura has dedicated his entire life to the study of Martial Arts. Both of his parents are descendants of Samurai Families and he has been given the responsibility to carry on the art for the rest of his life. He has returned to Japan to continue raising his Daughter and growing his student base in Japan. Shihan Nakamura electronically meets and trains with each of our black belt candidates and our instructors quarterly and comes to the United States annually to inspect the schools and the students progress.

The main instructor of Bushinkai United States (Samurai Training Academy), Bob Lowry, has been training in Japanese Martial Arts since 1991. Bob holds a 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate, 1st Dan in Kazarashi Ryu Jujitsu, 6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate, 5th Dan Menakaryu Jujutsu, 5th Dan Manakaryu Kenjutsu, Sensei Licenses and Examiner Licences. Bob continues to grow the student base and studios in the United States. He grew up in Pittsburgh, lived in DC for 13 years where he opened his first studio and he is now in Colorado where he and his wife Nicky live. He is the instructor for all the classes and is growing the school that is in Westminster Colorado

Westminster CO Staff and Instructors

Founder and Lead Instructor for STA, Bob Lowry, Renshi. Karate, Jujutsu and Kenjutsu

Bob Lowry

You can reach Bob at boblowry@samuraitrainingacademy.com

Washington, DC Staff and Instructors

Owner of the Dojo and Membership Coordinator

Lauren Johnson

You can reach Lauren at lauren@samuraitrainingacademy.com

Kids and Youth Program Instructors

Primary Kids Karate Instructor

Greg, Sensei

Primary Young Samurai Instructor


Primary Bushido Instructor

Assistant Kids Karate Instructor


Assistant Bushido Instructor


Adult Program Instructors


Greg, Sensei