Wado Ryu Karate


Wado Ryu is a special type of karate that formed in 1934 when Hironori Ohtuska officially registered it. Wado Ryu consists of three kanji charaters: wa (和), do (道), ryu (流). Ryu idea of a flow (like a river) or a stream and it is commonly translated as style or school. “Do”, literally means “way”.

How we teach

Traditionally, Wado Ryu Karate was taught silently to students. Students were responsible to observe and replicate the movements. No questions were allowed. Today in our dojo we fuse modern, western style learning with this traditional way. Students are expected to observe and replicate the movements around them. They may ask questions, but we believe that doing is the key to knowing how to do. Instructors are taught to pickup on the learning styles of students and adapt individual teaching styles to the students needs.

Students learn various punches, blocks and kicks in karate. Our style teaches several types of punches and movements not common in other Karate. Additionally, students will learn the specific manner of moving that Wado Ryu has, which reduces waste of energy and stabilizes the practitioner for harder kicks, punches and blocks. Students will learn katas, a series of movements against imaginary opponents. Students also practice gumites, which are series of punches, kicks and blocks done against a real opponent. These methods teach the student combinations of punches, blocks and kicks and how to move their body appropriately to be effective.

What you Learn

At Samurai Training Academy (STA), you will learn more than Wado Ryu Karate moves. Our training is of the mind, body, and spirit. Physically our program is challenging and will form your body into that of a Karate practitioner, however, it also meant to challenge your mind and spirit. We require discipline and focus in our training for your safety and the safety of others so that the execution of techniques are precise and proper. Discipline and focus does not mean that we require coldness. Our dojo requires a spirit of curiosity, desire to create, kindness, and peace. All of these points are what make up the entirety of our training.

A Typical Class

Class begins with our high intensity workout program for 10 minutes. After which, the instructor may have students run through our Standing and Moving Basics, a 20 minute cardio series of punches, blocks, and kick combinations. Students might practice those combinations on bags paired up with other students, or in gumites (no bags or protection) with a partner. Students may then practice their katas. Classes have a curriculum and flow to them that may focus on a muscle group, balance, Zan Shin (sensing your surroundings without looking), etc.