Manaka Ryu


How We Teach

Sword is not as easy as it looks; it takes a great degree of focus, effort, and posture. Given that a weapon is being put into a student's hands, we prefer that the student have some basic martial arts experience before attempting to practice sword. Jujutsu was created to take the sword from an attacker, making both of these arts complimentary. While sword may not be as practical as our other arts in today’s world, it is a Samurai tradition that strengthens your spine and your spirit. When practiced diligently, the sword becomes an extension of yourself and all of your prior training

What You Will Learn

  • 3 types of sword work:
    • Kenjutsu (using bokken, wooden swords)
    • Kendo (using shinai, bamboo swords, and bogu, armor)
    • Iaido (sword drawing using iaito, steel practice swords)