Manaka Ryu Jujutsu


The Jujutsu that we teach is the parent art to Judo and Brazilian Jujutsu. Our Jujutsu originates from feudal Japan and is intimately connected to our other arts.

How We Teach

Teaching begins at the basics to ensure the safety of all students. New students learn how to fall in order to avoid injury and how to stretch their wrists in order to participate in the techniques as the opponent. Students learn how to rely on the techniques when opponents attack them, instead of their strength, in order to not overspend their energy. Under proper supervision students are taught how to perform joint locks, pins and throws, without causing injury.

What You Will Learn

  • How to fall in four different ways with control and confidence;
  • How to manipulate the energy and attacks of your opponents;
  • Pressure points and joint locks to subdue your opponents;
  • Throwing your opponent;
  • Build and harness core power;
  • Defending yourself from larger and stronger opponents.

A Typical Class

Class begins with our high intensity workout program for 10 minutes. After which, students learn how to stretch their wrists to prepare for the manipulations of the coming techniques. Students practice falling and moving on the ground in strategic ways. Then students practice various different attacks and defenses. Students work on controlling their core strength through grappling exercises and other activities.