Adult Programs

We teach 3 Japanese Martial Arts Styles

Our Adult Karate program will challenge you. It is important to work on drills and the basics, what we did is added about 10 minutes to each class where we have Karate specific physical drills that have proven to enhance your Karate skills. Just like any sport, you have to train your muscles to do what you want them to do, we accomplish that with

uniquely developed exercises using medicine balls, balance boards and an item that we created simply called “The Pipe”. If you really want to take your Karate to the next level, ask about “old blue”, but you better be ready!!!

The class lessons have been handed down by the founder, Otska, to Shihan Sakura, Shihan Nakamaru, and now to Bob Lowry, the owner of the Samurai Training Academy. We stick to the lessons that were handed down to us, in an effort to carry down the art to the world.

Jujutsu and Jujitsu, there’s a difference.

Menaka Ryu Jujutsu is the second oldest Martial Art form in the world. It uses smaller movements, less force, and is very effective, even against opponents much larger or stronger than oneself. These characteristics make Jujutsu the perfect self-defense art, it uses your opponent’s momentum against them to bring them into submission via joint manipulations, locks, and breaks.

Students of this art learn the value of balance, core strength, and proper falling techniques that are crucial to being a well-rounded martial artist.

Sword looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? Here is something that might surprise you, it is super hard to learn.

Sword training takes a great deal of focus, timing, patience and most of all balance in the mind and body. We teach it the traditional way, if you have seen the Last Samurai movie, you will remember the Samurai training in the fields with wooden swords, watch the moves, that is what is taught.

In our studios, we loan you wooden and steel swords so that you can learn without the initial investment. Once you fall in love with Sword training, you can have someone build you a sword, it is a very personal choice which you will find to be a wonderful purchase.

In addition to wooden sword and real sword training, we also teach Kendo after you have the basics understood. With Kendo, you will be in armor applying your craft via a controlled sparring situation with another well-armored willing participant. Kendo training is very tiring and challenging, not to mention a bunch of fun. Star Wars actors completed some Kendo training so that they were more authentic on the big screen, come and start your journey.

Let us be your Yoda!